Our staff is knowledgeable in audit requirements throughout the country.

Whether you are a title insurer looking to fill regional audit needs without adding additional staff, or your company is in need of audit expertise regionally or nationally, our services are available to meet your current or long-term needs.

We can conduct in-depth on-site reviews or an abbreviated off-site review- our services can be tailored depending upon your risk management goals.


We have extensive knowledge and industry experience to manage your forensic audit investigation from start through legal actions.

At Secure Title Solutions, our staff's experience in handling the high-stress environment of a defalcation allows title insurers to quickly determine the size and scope of an embezzlement or significant escrow shortfall as well as identify potential sources of recoupment.

Our experience with the legal and law enforcement communities will help you develop a case to bring to trial to optimize the likelihood of a conviction and recovery. 

We can even provide expert testimony!