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Our manual was designed by industry experts based on the ALTA's Best Practices and known lender requirements.

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Our Policies & Procedures Manual is Best Practices 2.5 compliant and includes the following policies:

Sample Policy

  • Best Practices Policy #1: Licensing
  • Best Practices Policy #2: Trust Accounting
  • Best Practices Policy #3: Privacy & Information Security
  • Best Practices Policy #4: Settlement, Recording & Pricing
  • Best Practices Policy #5: Title Policy Production
  • Best Practices Policy #6: Insurance Coverage
  • Best Practices Policy #7: Consumer Complaint Handling

The Manual also includes the following sub-policies and schedules:

  • Licensing Checklist
  • Training, Hiring, & Background Checklists
  • Affidavits of Receipt & Compliance for Employees
  • Acceptable Use Policy for Information Technology Resources
  • Security Risk Assessment for NPI (Non Public Personal Information)
  • Disaster Management Plan
  • Privacy Notice
  • Third Party Service Provider Agreement (for protection of NPI)
  • Third Party Signing Professional (TPSP) Tracking Log
  • Quality Control Checklist for Recording, Pricing & Refunds
  • Customer Complaint Intake Log

The Manual and Schedules will be delivered in Microsoft Word format so that you can tailor them to your needs and environment

The Manual is suitable for most small & medium-sized companies. A company with a complex computer network may have to consult an Information Technology Specialist.



Disclaimer: The information in these documents and the templates for policies and procedures contained herein is not a substitute for legal advice, is for your reference and information only, and is not intended to represent the only approach to any particular area of compliance. These documents are (C) 2017 Secure Title Solutions and are intended for use by the purchaser and purchaser’s company only. There is no guarantee explicated or implied.  These documents should not be construed as legal, financial or business advice, and users should consult legal counsel and/or Informational Technology specialists to be sure that the policies and procedures adopted and implemented meet the requirements unique to your company. Although these documents were created by title insurance industry professionals, they are for informational purposes only, and Secure Title Solutions and its affiliates make no representation or guaranties that it will satisfy any lender, underwriter, reviewer, auditor, state, or federal requirements. Because no template is applicable to every situation or environment, these documents must be thoroughly reviewed and modified as necessary to fit the user’s particular situation. It is also the user’s responsibility to review and update these documents as needed.